November 29, 2013

A Rant on Texting...

I hate texting. Hate it. Did I respond too fast? Did I not respond fast enough? Why does it take five effing hours to reply to a text? Is this person going to know that I'm just being sarcastic? Do you think they can tell? Oh God, is that too telling, does he know I like him now? WHY WON'T YOU PICK UP THE BLOODY PHONE AND RESPOND TO ME???? God. Calling people on the phone is just so much easier. There's no time for over-analyzing what you just said because the person on the other end of the line is already responding to whatever it was that just spilled out of your brain. Sure, phone calls can be awkward when you catch the person at a bad time, like when their parents are fighting or they're with their boyfriend or their little brother just spilled applesauce all over the couch and now they have to clean it up while watching said little brother at the same time to make sure it doesn't happen again somewhere else. But despite that, a phone conversation gets the point across so much more quickly, and so much more clearly. I mean, honestly. How many times have you sat watching your phone for hours, practically praying that it lights up and pings at you to let you know that you have a text? How many times have you sent something really sarcastic and then re-read it and noticed that if not read in a very specific tone of voice, the message could most definitely be taken the wrong way, and then started wondering if that's why the person hasn't bloody responded for five bleedin' hours? It's so frustrating, like what is possibly keeping you from having a normal conversation with me for more than five minutes? Or then, they respond within five minutes, and then you respond within five minutes to their message, and then they don't respond for the rest of the day until nine o'clock at night when by that time you've practically forgotten that you were even having a conversation with them in the first place! It irritates me to absolutely no end.

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