November 08, 2011

I Know, I Know, I Know...

Ok, so yes, I haven't written in a month. I apologize. I've been busy. And just as an update on the whole thing with C, it's useless. I should just give up and forget about him because I have absolutely no chance seeing as how he only likes me as a friend and is seemingly going out with this other girl he flirted with at a cornmaze we went to. (don't ask.) But anywho, I'm just rambling now. I have yet to get over him, and somebody else who just reappeared in my life after month absence. I'm actually kinda pissed at myself actually, because I had been doing just fine, you know, not thinking about him and almost, almost forgetting about him, until I saw him the other day. I swear, it was like one minute, I'm fine, just peachy, and the next I'm reliving all these memories that I was trying to forget. How unfair is that? And then, like, Saturday night I'm having this dream where I'm a thief and I have to dress up as a boy to get what I have to steal (again, don't ask) and then I meet this really really really nice guy, and I wake up Sunday morning, smiling and happy, only to realize that he's...not real. ARGHH!!! Yeah. I did just make a frustrated noise similar to a stereotypical pirate greeting. Anyway. I realize that I don't really ask you anything. I mean, you as the reader are obviously a very kind person to take the time to read this most nonsensical blog ever, so I should stop talking about myself so much and ask about you. Are you doing okay? Is the person you really really like causing you to lose sleep and/or happy mornings over him/her? I guess you don't really have to answer this, but still. All right, well, I should be getting to my homework. Just thought I'd drop in, say hello.

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