July 07, 2011

I didn't know what to call this one...I don't even know what to write, it's as though my brain and fingers have been taken over by some sort of need to write one little thing down. It's pouring outside, and I'm sitting in my room writing this, watching it rain, watching the sheets of water come down, the streaks of lightning lighten up the sky in the most frightening way, and hearing the rain as it pounds the streets, and the thunder, as it shows its indignation at being showed up by the lightning. For many people, the sights and sound of a thunder storm, the dreariness of it all, are usually depressing, hell, even I find it depressing most times. But now? Not so much. Now, it's welcomed. It's making me slow down, feel like I can finally get all my thoughts in order...ha! Like I will ever be able to get all my thoughts in order. How did I get here? I went from not knowing what to write, just wanting to write something, to a rant on thunderstorms, to getting my thoughts all lined up in abc order. Amazing, isn't it? I call this a brain train run, because like a train, your mind can take you from one place (read: thought) to another. Look, I'm just gonna post this, because it's sounding a lot like a rant and I don't want to bore you guys...

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