June 04, 2011


Love was such an easy game to play..."
Yesterday, my friend finally told off the guy she and I have both liked forever, whom I've never pursued for her sake, and this morning she called me, sobbing, because even though she'd had mixed feelings about him for a while (he played us both and we both forgave him and he tried to pursue us again and I told him that I just wanted to stay friends with him and that I probably wasn't going to go out with him any time soon for obvious reasons), she still likes him. And she will always be his number one girl, compared to me. I know you probably don't care about my friend and my messed up guy troubles, but I just needed to tell somebody without really telling anybody. All I can say is, thank goodness I won't be seeing him again, now that I've graduated. (Did I mention that, by the way? No? Well, I've graduated...just as a btdubs.)

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