June 23, 2011

Have You Ever...?

Have you ever been listening to the radio, or looking up music on youtube, and hear/come across a song that makes you feel like it was written especially for you, or that it describes a recent situation perfectly? That's been happening a lot to me. Lately I find myself looking up songs that are like, whoa, dude, that is like, exactly what is happening right now. Not on purpose, but I just look up one song, and then I scroll down the other videos list, and I pick one at random, and it's mind blowing sometimes. Or, I hear a song that reminds me so much of a time that I had been trying to forget and now it's back in my head, and I can't shake it, and now my heart is hurting all over again. I guess, maybe it doesn't only happen to me, but it just feels really significant...

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